Monday, 20 September 2010

The Non-League Paper, Accrington Stanley v Liverpool and Sutton United v Harrow Borough

One of the simple pleasures in life is nipping to the paper shop early on a Sunday morning to pick up those essential ingredients which I need to help kick-start my day: bread, milk, eggs, bacon and , every now and then, a copy of the Non-League Paper (NLP). Oh, and I how can I forget, a fiver’s worth of scratch cards. Crikey, I really must stop doing that...
But, just as my cherished routine was in full swing, I almost choked on a big gulp of coffee.
I should have known that buying a copy of the NLP a week after our FA Cup exit at the hands of Alton was a dangerous thing to do. On page seven is an interview with Alton boss John Robson, and not surprisingly, the focus is last week’s shock.
He likens the result to Accrington Stanley beating Liverpool. Being a fair kind of chap, I find it hard to begrudge Robson his Alton charges their moment of glory. After all, we’ve done the dirty on a few teams in recent times.
Thankfully, tomorrow’s match against Harrow Borough offers a chance for us to move on from our Cup clanger. It feels like us Sutton supporters have been made to endure a long ten days until our next game and I’m sure Paul Doswell would have drilled it into the boys just how important this game is. Our confidence has taken a real battering, so we need Mr Jolly Esquire and the BWG firing on all cylinders. Although we’ve undoubtedly had a great start, I’d like to see our strikers do their bit by hitting the target on a more prolific basis.
Despite having the weekend off, results went in our favour and on Sunday morning we were still top of the table and had the luxury of a game-in-hand.
Kingstonian lost at home to Maidstone, but won at Hendon tonight, while Lowestoft, Bury Town and our dear friends at Carshalton lurk in our shadow, waiting for us to trip up.  
So, guys, it’s over to you...


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