Friday, 24 September 2010

Sutton United 11 Leatherhead 1

...yes, it’s true, but more of that later...
I may not have remembered any of the goals Sutton United scored in that rather bonkers afternoon in Gateshead twenty years ago, but crikey, did I see two memorable goals on Tuesday evening.
If any supporters were queuing for a cup of Bovril to warm them up for the big game against Harrow Borough then the chances are they would have missed Richard Jolly’s volley in the first minute which opened the scoring. Wow! What a start and what a goal.
Things got even better ten minutes later when Bradley Woods-Garness unleashed a rocket from 35 yards which flew into the net and has made for pleasant YouTube viewing ever since. The BWG was so taken aback he’d scored with his wonder strike that his goal celebration resembled a drunken chicken trying to do the Birdie Song with a bag over its head – he had no idea where to run.
Want to know what I’m on about? Check out the link for the goals and that celebration.
The worrying aspect from Paul Doswell’s point of view must be how we failed put the game to bed. I felt Jolly drifted in and out of the game, we looked lightweight in midfield and fragile in defence. Yes, I know we’re top of the league, but injuries to key players such as Simon Downer and Craig Dundas have highlighted our vulnerability as a squad. Dos must realise this, hence the acquisition of Karl Murray from Carshalton Athletic.
I was impressed with Harrow, I thought they showed plenty of endeavour and attacking flare - they hit the post and missed two open goals. I, for one, wouldn’t have begrudged them a point.
What I do begrudge, however, is paying good money for a poor pint. Before the match on Tuesday I found myself with plenty of time on my hands, so I popped into The Plough, opposite the football ground. Crikey, what a soul destroying experience that turned out to be.  In a nutshell, it was awful. What a hellhole.
I remember going to the Plough a few years back for a pre-match beer and finding it busy with other supporters doing likewise. Not last Tuesday, though. It was just a handful of locals, and me. I shan’t be returning there any time soon.  It seems to me that good pubs are increasingly harder to find.
Oh well, rant over. I see on the website they’ve come up with the idea of a Sutton United Hall of Fame. Where do I start with this one? There have been so many wonderful moments over the past fifty or sixty years that to pick ten people who represent all that is good about our club has got the cogs ticking over in my head.
Without further a do, I am going to set the ball rolling on this. So here is the first name, as voted for by little old me:
Mickey Joyce
I am please to say that I was there on that Tuesday night back in 1982 when Joycie scored nine goals, yes NINE goals, in Sutton’s 11-1 demolition of Leatherhead. The score equalled Sutton’s best ever result. Surely, scoring THREE HAT-TRICKS IN ONE GAME means Joycie should be entered into the Hall of Fame by that feat alone. Ok, so we will overlook his brief dalliance with Maidstone United. I can remember virtually wetting myself when I read in the Sutton Herald that we had re-signed him from the Stones in 1986. This guy’s name struck fear into opposing sides in the 1980s.
In true Simon Cowell style, I’m going to say yes to Mickey Joyce.

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