Monday, 11 October 2010

Amber Rambler's Sutton United Hall of Fame, continued...

Yes, I know, it's a bit late, but here are the next three entrants into my very own version of Sutton United's
Hall of Fame and I make no apologies for turning the clock back to include some key figure from the 1960s...

Larry Pritchard
A quick look at the club info page of not only tells me that Larry Pritchard made a tremendous 781 appearances for the Us, but it also reminds me that Clubcall is still going. Seriously, does anyone still call Clubcall? What about a little thing called the Internet? - Surely that renders such an outdated mode of relaying information useless...well, perhaps I'm wrong. Anyhow, Pritchard made his appearances for United from 1965 to1984, and also played for Wycombe Wanderers and the England amateur side.  He also had a spell back at Sutton in a variety of coaching/management roles. I stumbled on this link in which he gets an honourable mention. It is obviously from a time when we used to make it beyond the First Qualifying Round of the FA Cup...

Dave Hermitage
Crikey, this thread is turning into Link Central. As is the modern way of doing research, I typed Dave Hermitage into Google and came across this.
Hermitage played not only a big part in Sutton United's progress on the pitch in th 1960s, but was thrust into
the media spotlight in the late 1980s when, under his chairmanship, the club went on those two fantastic FA Cup runs which culminated in victory over Coventry City. I can't believe it's taken me 19 posts before I've mentioned Sutton United 2 Coventry City 1. Ok, that's it. That's enough talk of Coventry losing to Sutton for the time being... yep, you shan't find me saying any more about Sutton causing one of the greatest FA Cup shocks of all time by beating Coventry City at Gander Green Lane in 1989...well, for the time being at least.

Sid Cann
Thankfully, Sid Cann has his own Wikipedia page. Check it out: It says it all really. In a nutshell, He played for Manchester City in the 1933 FA Cup Final, had various managerial roles before landing up at Sutton where we enjoyed a magical spell under his guidance which included visits to Wembley Stadium in 1963 and 1969 for FA Amateur Cup Finals. Sutton also made it to the FA Cup Fourth Round where Cann's boys took on the might of Leeds United who were managed by Don Revie. Oh, and Cann also led Sutton to the 1967 Isthmian League title.

Anyway, that's enough sepia-tinted memories for the moment. Back to 2010. While I've been writing this Paul Doswell's boys (or in tonight's case, Steve Griffin, he's in charge, apparently) have been slugging it out with Walton Casuals in the Championship Manager Cup.

I really do mean slugging it out, too. I dread those kind of matches. In my opinion League Cups across the land should be banned, they're a complete waste of time. I've just heard the match has gone to extra time and Walton have taken the lead.

I am mightily glad I'm at home, in the comfortable surrounds of my living room, rather than watching the match with 116 other folk with seemingly nothing better to do with their time I am all for supporting the team through thick and thin, but I game up on League Cups a long time ago and I think we could do with being knocked out of the competition as early as possible. Our priorities should be the league, the FA Cup and the FA Trophy...that's it.

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