Wednesday, 6 October 2010

I'm A Sutton Fan...Get Me Out of Here

Well, I’m glad we’ve got that out of way. Despite dominating the big match, we sustained our first defeat of the season at Kingstonian on Monday night.
I should have seen this coming. Kingstonian. Flippin’ Kingstonian. Not only have they got a strange name but they seem to have the ability to beat us at will.
Just when I was finally getting over our 6-0 FA Trophy semi-final drubbing of ten years ago, the Ks go and beat us in three important matches in the last five months.
They dumped us out of the play-offs last season and knocked us off our perch this time around.  We have to face facts ‑ the Ks are officially our number one bogey side.
We played really well and looked for all the world like we are certain title material. But...and there’s a big but... we failed to convert one of our ten or so chances and paid the price when the Ks popped one in our net with three minutes left. I had a funny feeling that was going to happen.
Note to self: Avoid watching games with Kingstonian in the future. Stay in and watch television instead, even if it is X Factor, I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here or the BBC Parliament channel.
Thank crikey then for the news that club mascot, Jenny the Giraffe, finished fifth out of 41 in Sunday’s Mascot Grand National at Huntingon racecourse. Apparently the race was won by Barnet’s bee mascot, but there’s no doubting that Jenny did Sutton United proud with her debut performance.
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