Sunday, 31 October 2010

Sutton United blog: Bradley Woods-Garness, Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen, Croydon Arena and Amber Rambler - the Twitter twit

Phew! Thank crikey for that. I need not have worried that I had jinxed Sutton United's FA Trophy ambitions by blogging about Halloween horrors from seasons past. Step up, the loveable BWG, Bradley Woods-Garness.

With a name like that you'd expect to see him quaffing champagne at All Bar One in Sutton with the likes of Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen, Rachael Hayhoe know, her of England womens' cricket fame, and Forbes Phillipson-Masters, the former Yeovil Town defender.

But no, our double-barrelled hot-shot would rather be grafting with the rest of the boys in amber and brown and in the process netting the winner against Evesham United.

By all accounts the performance at St Geroge's Lane today wasn't one to remember but, a win is a win, and we got a clean sheet too. So now we can look forward to going into the hat for the Third Qualifying Round where we could meet Blue Square South opposition. Woohoo. Yes, we could have a mouth-watering clash with Thurrock to look forward to.

I don't know about you but after today's little diversion I am keen to see the Us get back to Ryman Premier League (RPL) action. So, it's just as well we're playing the much-troubled Croydon Athletic this coming week.

When I was a lad, a trip to Croydon for a football match usually meant watching the Us take on Croydon FC at one of the most soul destroying venues I have ever been to, Croydon Arena. Forget scarves, hats and replica shirts, the first thing I used to bung in the car for a trip to that place was a pair of binoculars. You were miles away from the action. The last time I heard, there were plans for a major housing development on the acres of land which seperate the main stand from the pitch.

Anyhow, time has marched on and, while Croydon FC have sinced dropped in to some kind of football abyss, Croydon Athletic have risen to the dizzy heights of the RPL. They are scrapping for their lives at the moment and Wednesday's match will be a tough one. The boys need to keep rolling up their sleeves to grind out the points. I'll accept a 1-0 win with a Nani-esque goal like the one he scored today against Spurs... afterall, that'll be three points in the bag thank you very much.

Amber Rambler on Twitter - click here!
Ok, I've done something which I never thought I would do...join Twitter. I am no techno-bod and therefore I have no idea what I am doing. For instance, I have just worked out what RT means. I guess the biggest mistake I made so far was to follow AFC Wimbledon before my beloved Sutton United. Well, I shan't be making that mistake again, you never know who is watching you.

Your views and comments are most welcome. Leave a comment so that others can see it or email me. My scribble about Croydon FC has got me thinking. What are the worst grounds you have seen the Us play at?

Anyway, I am off to sunnier climbs this week for a much-needed break but will try to post some nonsense or other.

Adios amigos

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