Sunday, 24 October 2010

Sutton United v Cray Wanderers, Simon De'Ath, Ross Lover and Bournemouth Poppies

Aside from Sutton United's 1-1 draw with Cray Wanderers, another result caught my eye yesterday.

No, it wasn't Newcastle's away success at West Ham or Stranraer's 9-0 thumping of St Cuthbert's in the Scottish Cup. It came in the Sydenhams Wessex League and involved a team whose name sends a shudder down the spine of Sutton United supporters across the land. Yes, our old pals at Alton Town got hammered at home 6-0 by that powerhouse of world football, Bournemouth Poppies.

Crikey, we must have had an off day when we played Alton in the Cup. As if taking a hammering yesterday wasn't bad enough for them, their next game is against Romsey Town on Tuesday who have Death leading their attack. Well, actually it's Simon De'Ath. His name alone should strike fear into Alton's defence.

Look out Alton: No, it's not Death from Swedish director Ingmar Bergman's classic film The Seventh Seal (1957), it's much worse than that, it's Romsey Town stirker Simon De'Ath.

So, on to yesterday's offering from Paul Doswell's troops. Although we are third in the table, I am starting to get a little worried. I have not been wholly convinced by our performances so far this season.

Apparently the performance at Gander Green Lane yesterday was uninspiring with the ball spending a lot of time in the air, much to the obvious frustrations of striker Richard Jolly.

I like Mr Jolly Esquire. Given the right service he would have surely scored more goals so far this season. There's no doubting his work rate. He was getting in the right positions when I last saw the Us at Kingstonian, but his team-mates chose either to shoot or make the wrong pass.

Check out his Twitter comments:

Karl Murray made amends for conceeding a fifth minute penalty - which was netted by Cray's Ross Lover - by scoring Sutton's first-half leveller.

Another concern of mine is that every time I read a Sutton match report in the Non-League Paper it seems the man-of-the-match is Kevin Scriven. Apparently he was in top form again yesterday and prevented us from slipping to a sloppy defeat. We need to buck our ideas up against Tonbridge Angels on  Tuesday. I really don't want us to have to battle through the play-offs again this season.

Email me: That's enough for now.

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