Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Sutton United blog: Croydon Athletic, Jeff Stelling and The Bromley Boys

Don't be confused by the title of this post. Jeff Stelling and the Bromley Boys isn't the name of a football-mad band formed by the Sky Sports presenter and his cronies. All will make sense if you read on.

I've taken a break from lounging by the pool for five minutes to jot down a quick line or two, with it being a match day and all that. It's a tough life,

Croydon Athletic, hmmm. I have just taken a look at our forum and see a chap going by the name of waddoneagle, not his real name you understand, has suggested that tonight's match might be an easy three points for the Us. I'm not so sure about that. Although we've obviously won a fair few games this season already, we have laboured to victory a number of times, so I am expecting the big match to be a bit of a toughy.

The talking point of the holiday so far came on Monday night while I was enjoying a few jars with some pals as we watched the Blackpool v West Brom game on the box. The conversation, as so often is the case, turned towards Sutton United. I realised that a couple of the chaps used to go regularly to Gander Green Lane but stopped for some reason, so I asked them why. Crikey, the booze-fueled conversation soon heated up.

It turns out that they lost interest around the time we last got relegated from the Conference. I was amazed to hear that one of them now follows Arsenal, who he 'has always had a soft spot for' while the other would rather watch Jeff Stelling and his pals over a few pints every weekend rather than come and watch Sutton these days. Poor show.

I don't know how you can do that. You can't suddenly change your team...can you? Come to think of it, the second chap sent me an email a few weeks ago telling me that a colleague of his had mentioned the following day's Sutton v Carshalton game and was I going to it. I pointed out to him that we were away to Lowestoft.

Booooo to him. His interest has got to such a level that he hasn't got the foggiest idea who we're playing.

Don't you worry about it. I gave the pair of them a good ticking off.

Anyway, while I sit back and put my feet up for a week I have thankfully made a wise choice in terms of my holiday reading matter. The Bromley Boys by Dave Roberts is an excellent book and I am already close to finishing it. I don't want this to seem like a shameless plug, but it's a book that will strike a chord with fans of non-league clubs across the land.

Non-league football tends to attract a certain type of person and Roberts touches on this perfectly. To top it off, Sutton United get a fair few mentions too.

I must dash, I've got some sunbathing to do. I hope the boys do the business tonight...three points please lads.

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