Sunday, 14 November 2010

Sutton United blog: Victor Kasule, Natalie Lowe, the Non-League Paper and the Sutton Arms

I don't know about you, but I blame Darren Ebsworth. There he is in today's Non-League Paper going on about how we've lost one in fifteen League games and how the competition for places can only be a good thing. By the time his interview was printed we had lost our second league game. Drat.

I jest of course. To be honest, it's nice to see a Sutton United player featured in the NLP. Aside from a match report it's seldom we're featured, so well done to Darren, he deserves his time in Star Corner after hitting a cracker against the not so special Ks.

Ok, ok, so we lost at Margate. Let's have a think about this, it could have been worse. We might have lost at Barrow, so spare a thought for those Wimbledon fans who had to endure that trek yesterday...and all for a 2-0 defeat. Now that's nasty.

It reminds me of the time when Sutton played away at Darlington in the Conference on a cold Tuesday night and lost 2-0 in the late 1980s. Now that really was nasty. From what I can recall a chap by the name of Victor Kasule led us a merry dance that night before seemingly disappearing off the footballing map.

It's been a testing week for Wimbledon fans. First Altrincham away on Tuesday, quickly followed by Barrow. Crikey, Sutton have had two trips to Kent in a week, that's not so bad after all. At least we had time after the match yesterday to get back to the boozers of our home town to drown our sorrows or, if it floats your boat, to catch the last half hour of Strictly Come Dancing. Encouraged by his twinkle-toed turn against us all those years ago I gather Victor Kasule did a great rumba with Natalie Lowe on last night's show.

Ready to rumba: You won't catch Natalie Lowe drinking at the Sutton Arms.

Any rate, to our defeat. Kennedy Adjei and the ever-reliable Bradley Woods-Garness netted our goals, but we couldn't keep up our recent good defensive record and let in three in reply. I blame myself for that, I shouldn't have mentioned how well our defence had been holding out in my last post.

To make matters worse, we lost to two great strikes from a guy called Wayne. In this case, Wayne Wilson. That's awful for us, of course, but chavtastic for Margate.

Yesterday represented a chance for us to kick-on and create a gap ahead of the chasing pack. Bugger. No doubt Blob and Bob will be happy as Kingstonian clawed some points back with a 3-1 win over Canvey Island (anyone else fail to get that headline in the NLP?). Lowestoft could only draw 0-0 at home to Wealdstone but I must confess I'm getting a bit worried by Billericay as they're looking a little bit, how should I say...good. We can take heart from the fact we've beaten them already this season, but there's no doubt about it, we are going to face a tough test in next saturdays FA Trophy game.

Those who follow me on Twitter will know that I was skulking in the pubs of Sutton yesterday evening in a bid to drink away those post-match blues. I had a few in the Old Bank near the station to whet my whistle, before making a blunderous decision for my next port of call. I landed up in the Sutton Arms and as I walked through the doors I immediately felt like I was gatecrashing a very bad youth club disco. Young lads with pronounced swaggers vied for the affections of easy girls with large hooped earrings. Wayne Wilson would have loved it, but I didn't hang around.

It was a far cry from my experience of Friday night when I had a rip-roaring night with pals at the Sun Inn in Carshalton. Now that's what I call a decent boozer, real ale buffs will love it. If only Gander Green Lane had a pub like that.

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  1. The best thing about defeat is drinking away those post-match blues :), great post.