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Sutton United blog: Arbroath 36 Bon Accord 0, Qatar win World Cup bid and Sutton v Yeovil Town

As Sutton supporters know only too well, football is a funny old game.
It can be flippin' frustrating one minute, like if you’re losing at home 3-2 going into injury time, but then it can be equally as wonderful the next, when the final whistle goes and you’ve won 4-3.
Of course, if you happen to support Wealdstone then the reverse of that applies.

The football history books are jam-packed full of amazing tales, like for example,  Dundee Harp’s 35-0 victory over Aberdeen Rovers on September 12, 1885, the very same day that, just 18 miles down the road, Arbroath stuck 36 past Bon Accord. Now, in true Harry Hill style, what are the chances of that, aye?
However, one of the game’s strangest episodes occurred on Thursday when, in their ‘wisdom’, FIFA saw fit to award the 2022 World Cup to a country which sounds like a musical instrument.
I thought there might be a chance that I’d see the World Cup staged in this country before my time is out, but Qatar? Never in the deepest, darkest depths of my imagination did I think the World Cup might one day be staged there. Qatar? Seriously. Sepp Blatter and his pals must be having a Jenny the Giraffe as they assess the latest deposit into their bank accounts.

Qatar hero: Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad Al Thani, Chairman of his country's successful 2022 World Cup bid.
I’m all for spreading the football gospel and have no Francis Quarms with Russia getting the nod to host it in 2018, but Qatar? I, like many a bemused football observer around the globe, smell a rat...
Any rate, back to the real world.
With football grounds across the land hidden under a blanket of snow there’s been little news since our amazing victory over Wealdstone. Any hope that we might catch a glimpse of that most magical of sights – an orange football – were dashed on Tuesday when the snow just kept on falling.
So I am going to digress from current matters for a trip down memory lane for a feature which I may slip in from time to time when news, unlike the snow, is a bit thin on the ground. Drum roll please...
Those of you of a certain age may remember the above heading from schools’ programmes on ITV from when you were a kid in the 1970s and 80s. I thought it would fit in nicely with what I’m about to Dundee Harp on about as I take a look back at how things used to be at Sutton United.
The break for snow has given me some time to have a tidy up around my little abode and the other day I found a programme from Sutton's home game in the Nationwide Conference with Yeovil Town from November 1999. 
Ah, how times have changed for both Sutton and the Glovers. Yeovil are now struggling in their division while we’re top of the tree in ours.
Any rate, top of the Conference at that point in the 1999/2000 season were our dear old friends Kingstonian who were level on points with Nuneaton Borough. However, there was only one way the Ks were heading and, to put it nicely, it certainly wasn't up.
The names in the Sutton squad back then bring the memories flooding back – Gareth Howells, Gwynne Berry, Nko Ekoku, Sammy Winston, Dave Harlow and Ramon Giwa.

Ramon Giwa?

Perhaps someone out there can tell me who the hell Ramon Giwa was/is. Well, nobody seemed that interested in sponsoring his kit, whoever he was/is.  Even Teletubbies Dipsy and Laa Laa managed to dig deep to sponsor Andy Riley’s kit that season.
Come on you Yellows! Generous Laa Laa sponsored Andy Riley's kit back in 1999/2000 with the help of fellow Teletubby Dipsy.
The programme includes pictures from our recent 1-0 victory over Doncaster Rovers at Gander Green Lane. Crikey, now we're five divisions adrift of them. Well, lets look on the bright side, it could be four by the time May comes around.
On to the away travel page which was entitled Going Nationwide to cunningly tie in with the sponsors of the Conference. If you're sat there scratching your head wondering where the hell you were on this day 11 years ago then perhaps you may have been one of that hardy bunch who went to Morecambe to see the Us lose 6-2 on December 4th 1999. Apparently entry to Christie Park would have set you back £6.50.
For the record, Yeovil beat us 1-0, gaining revenge for our victory at Huish Park earlier in the season. At the end of the 1999/2000 season we ended up bottom, 13 points from safety. Altrincham and Welling joined us in dropping down a division while Kidderminster Harriers won the title nine points ahead of Rushden and Diamonds. Kingstonian finished fifth and knocked us out of the FA Trophy at the semi-final stage, the aggregate score of which has escaped me for now. 
How times have changed. Forget Yeovil, Doncaster and Morecambe, it's Cray, Aveley and Concord these days, well, for this season at least. Right, it's pub time...

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