Friday, 14 January 2011

Sutton United blog: Ramon Giwa update, Richard Jolly, Jennifer Aniston and Friends

I posed a question early last month. It went something like this...
Who the hell is Ramon Giwa?
His name appeared in the programme from our Conference match with Yeovil Town in 1999 without a kit sponsor and I wanted to know a little bit more about him.
Well, thanks to a nice chap who emailed me last week I can now tell you he lives back in his home country of Nigeria and teaches football to youngsters.
Thank you to my man in the know for sending me a picture of him too. Should I find any more out about him then I will let you know. You do want to know, don't you?
Any rate, I wonder if Ramon would have had any words of advice for Sutton’s current crop of first-teamers who put in a rather disjointed performance at Horsham last Saturday.

I arrived at Goring’s Mead full of optimism which was fuelled, it has to be said, by a few pints of Badger Ale. Within 15 minutes of the start I found myself making plans to drown my sorrows as the Hornets stung us twice with two quick goals, including one from former Sutton man Billy Dunn.

Although Craig Crocodile Dundas pulled one back for us we soon found ourselves two goals behind again and were indebted to Kevin Scriven for saving us from further embarrassment.
Super Kev’s super save from Anthony Storey’s not so super penalty was simply superb, as was his last-gasp lunge to clear Sam Page’s wayward backpass off the line.
Horsham looked far hungrier and thoroughly deserved their victory. I was impressed with the way they played for each other while our boys huffed and puffed without really stringing three passes together.
Admittedly, there were more craters on the pitch than on the surface of the moon but that’s still no excuse for the guys to launch the ball into orbit at every opportunity. What’s the point, unless Paul Doswell decides to stick Jenny the Giraffe up front for us next game. I’d like us to keep the ball on the ground and try to get some passing moves going, but if we have to get out of the Ryman Premier League by clogging our way out then so be it, I guess.

We missed a lifeline late in the game when Richard Jolly fired wide (or did he shin it wide?) when it seemed easier to score, but when it hasn't been your day, your month, or even your year, we'll still be there for you...

Cue the theme tune to Friends by The Rembrandts.

Even if that miss by Mr Jolly Esquire does end up on You've Been Framed some time soon I am sure he will be on target before long, and then, once he is, there'll be more goals to follow.

You've Been Framed: Richard Jolly may be going through a barren spell, but just like the cast of Friends, we'll be there for him.
Any rate, the upshot of all that was we could have taken a right walloping had it not been for Scrivs. We were lucky to escape from Horsham with a 3-1 defeat.

Thank crikey then for Tuesday night's turnaround at Canvey Island. I started to worry that perhaps we were on a slump, but at least we're back to winning ways so soon after our Sussex setback.

I couldn't make it to the game, but to quote ewellchris from the Fans' Forum 'never before has watching Twitter been this exciting.'

I am not sure if he was talking about the match or the poor unfortunate Sutton fan who got hit in the face by a stray ball, but I know what ewellchris means, even if that make the pair of us sound a little sad.

I also kept an eye on Twitter and was mightily relieved when Roald Dahl's the BWG netted the all-important third goal. Apparently it was a bit of a cracker.

Andy Forbes had earlier shown what a decent acquisition he has been for Sutton by smashing in two penalties to cancel out Canvey Island's opener.

Well played not only to the boys but also to the supporters who made the trip to Essex on Tuesday. Let's hope the lads keep it going against Concord tomorrow. I can't make the game, so it'll be another enthralling afternoon checking Twitter for updates...can't wait.

Come on you Yellows!

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