Monday, 3 January 2011

Sutton United blog: Robin Hood, Kevin Scriven, Keirnan Mason-Hughes and those Tooting Terrors

As expected, I felt flippin' awful on New Year’s Day after a hard night on the razz.

The damage had been inflicted at a pub, ironically as it turned out, in Tooting. I had perhaps four pints too many and had one of those room-spinning moments when I got into bed around 4am. It wouldn’t be the last time Tooting caused me pain that day.

I thought some fresh air and a stroll down to Gander Green Lane for the big game would do me good, but a pre-match beer in The Plough maybe wasn’t one of my brightest ideas. I asked for a pint of Young’s bitter but was given what looked like a glass of wee.

I thought the barman had a satisfied look on his face but I drank it anyway and then made my way across the road to cheer on the boys.

My condition improved greatly at around 3.35pm when goals from Tom Davis and Bradley Woods-Garness had put Sutton into a commanding 2-0 lead. I still felt reasonably ok when Jason Henry reduced the arrears just before the break to set up a tense second half. I had confidence the boys could finish the job off.

By the time the match was in its final throws I felt back to normal, though my nerves were jangling a bit... then the Terrors scored a last minute equaliser through Kiernan Mason-Hughes to send the day-tripping residents of Mitcham's Mandela Estate into delirium, fans of footballers with double-barrelled surnames into ecstasy and me into the pub, though not The Plough.

I knew we had to keep an eye on that Tooting lot.

Just when we thought we were safe, those little blighters picked our pockets and ran off with a point.

However, let’s be honest, it wasn’t a case of daylight robbery. I, like a few of those stood around me, had a feeling they were going to score.

We survived one close call when Kevin Scriven saved Karl Beckford’s poorly taken second-half  penalty but our inability to score that all-important third goal came back to bite us on the backside.

I thought Tooting deserved a point. They never gave up, and who knows, if they had scored that penalty then I may have been scribbling something about how Sutton had been turned over.

At the final whistle I made a swift exit and sat slumped in a corner of The Robin Hood for an hour, somewhat deflated. Then I remembered our amazing win over Wealdstone the other week. That's football for you, we pinched the points off them that day and now the Terrors took one away.

Any rate, well done to Mark Beard’s boys for a spirited performance, but personally I’ve had enough of Tooting, it’s pubs and it’s pick-pockets for now.

Thank crikey then for the Surrey Senior Cup. Hurrah!

What’s that, we’re out?

Yep, a side made up to a large extent, it has to be said, of big Wayne Shaw with a few reserves thrown in for good measure went down 1-0 at Molesey. Oh well, I’m sure none of us are really that worried about that. There’s no escaping it now, it’s all about the league.


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